Austrian artist Anita Leisz primarily works with semi-finished products, with sheet goods, that are fabricated for construction and interior finishes. The surfaces are specially treated, the sheets are cut, glued or screwed together resulting in the most accurate objects that hang on the wall or stand in space.

With their strong presence, the sculptures develop an essential, bodily character and draw attention to how the objects, the space and we as viewers interact. Anita Leisz’ work is marked by stringency and openness, intensity and ease. It equally deals with the possibilities of sculptural acts as well as with the architectural and institutional framework of its presentation.

Anita Leisz was born in 1973 and lives and works in Vienna.

Curated by Luisa Ziaja.


Exhibitions and events

Peter Baum. Photographs

Permanent exhibition

When Peter Baum was appointed director of the Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz in 1974, he was just thirty-four, making him the youngest museum director in Austria. In 2004, exactly thirty years later,...

Duet with Artist. Participation as Artistic Principle

Temporary exhibition at Belvedere 21. Museum of Contemporary Art until 04.02.2018

The audience and its role in the creation of a work of art lie at the centre of the 21er Haus exhibition Duet with Artist . Historical and contemporary positions show how artists activate others and...

Eva Koťátková. Stomach of the World

Temporary exhibition at Belvedere 21. Museum of Contemporary Art until 18.02.2018

For Eva Koťátková, the evolution of the self is a tightrope walk between internal and external pressures. Featuring a multitude of objects generating an expansive installation, her exhibition on the...

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