Intimacies of Space

Every work of art, unless commissioned, originated from the intimate needs of an artists.

Regardless whether it is about a landscape, still life, a scene from the life or any other motif, the artist was moved and inspired by something. However, within the artist’s collection of works, there are always works that are more intimate than others, created in moments of silence and solitude, in which the artist’s immediate surroundings, something the view rests upon every day, become worth recording. Among the many of such art works are those that represent the artist’s work and living space, garden or terrace, a window through which he gazes. In some cases the spaces and images have passed through the filter of memory and memories, in other cases they are reduced to associative or faithfully documented. For this exhibition the stylistic period and the technique are not crucial, the personal moment is.


The collection of the National Gallery of BiH is a rich treasurey  of works of art, and it was not a problem to find and isolate the works that correspond to the theme of intimacies space or intimate space, and then distributed them into the groups: atelier, interior, garden and glance out the window.

Some works have never been exhibited and the represent a true discovery, while some of the works belong among the most representative works from the collection of the National Gallery.

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