Talk: The East End's Canals - Local Voices

Illustrated talk: The East End's Canals - Local Voices by Carolyn Clark. During 2015-16, a Heritage Lottery part funded project with Laburnum Boat Club gathered information from local people and resources about life on and by the Regent's and Hertford Union Canals. The work culminated with the East End Canal Festival ( ) This presentation is based on the findings with new photos and information. Carolyn Clark is the Community Historian who led the project. Whilst many historians have studied the social history of those who lived afloat, Carolyn's project explored a rarely-considered topic: the social history of those who lived and worked on and beside the canals in the inner city, and local peoples' relationship with the waterways. The results were an unusual insight into an aspect of canal history that has generally not been studied, and they were fascinating.

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