The Navy's Air War: Jutland 1916

The exhibition will feature The Short Type 184, the only aeroplane to fly over the vast swathes of the North Sea during the battle, which involved 250 warships and saw 7,000 sailors killed, 100 years ago. It was embarked in HMS Engadine and its reconnaissance flight was a key part of the battles operation. The remains of the pioneering aircraft will be displayed with a visual presentation of what she looked like as a complete aircraft. The Sopwith Baby, complete with Le Prieur anti-zeppelin rockets, which were really glorified fireworks, will go on display next to the remains of the Short Type 184 for the Jutland exhibition opening on May 18th. Two Sopwith Baby aircraft were embarked in HMS Engadine at Jutland (along with the Short Type 184) in anticipation of zeppelin attacks. The museum’s Sopwith Baby is a replica built by Royal Naval Engineering Apprentices in the 1970s. However it utilises some components using from two original WW1 Sopwith Baby aircraft.

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