One of the things Cyprus is usually praised for is its tasty, richly diverse and nutritious cuisine with the characteristic qualities of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered as one of the healthiest in the world. This course, organised by the Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum, aims at familiarizing foreigners with the rich gastronomy and the culinary tradition of Cyprus through a hands-on experience. The cooking classes cover a range of characteristic traditional Cypriot recipes, both for main dishes and desserts. Participants have the opportunity to explore basic ingredients, cooking techniques and utensils, and of course taste the rich flavours of freshly cooked traditional dishes, which are considered specialties of the Cypriot gastronomy. The course is held in selected locations of the Nicosia and Paphos districts, and is taught by expert cooks, eager to share the secrets of Cypriot style cooking. Apart from cooking workshops, the course includes small excursions to nearby places of gastronomical interest.


Duration: 6 days

Target group: teachers/trainers in adult education, youth, school education and vocational education and training (VET)

Cyprus Food Museum PIC number: 952674055

Detailed course programme:


Day 1 – Arrival day

  • Transfer from the airport to the place of accommodation.
  • Welcoming, presentation of the Cyprus Food Museum and its team, short briefing on the Cypriot tradional cuisine and  details of the course (about 3 hours)
  • Welcoming traditonal Cypriot dinner.


Days 2, 3 4, 5 – Training days. According to your preference, the duration of the workshop can be three days instead of four days.


Day 2

Workshop on making traditional Cypriot cheese (halloumi). Brunch

Preparation of a main dish recipe. Lunch

Small excursion in the nearby area

Duration: 4 hours

Day 3

Workshop on baking traditional bread - Presentation of the traditional Cypriot oven. Brunch

Preparation of a main dish recipe. Lunch

Small excursion in the nearby area

Duration: 4 hours

Days 4-5

Workshops on preparing a variety of traditional main dishes and desserts (according to the season of the course, these may include kleftiko, koupepia, kolokasi, palouze, loukoumades, kolokotes, pies etc. Lunch

Duration: 3 hours/day


Day 6 – Departure

  • Final evaluation, feedback from participants and awarding of Certificates of Participation (3 hours)
  • Transfer to airport

In case of students of VET, we can arrange for an additonal week of catering experience, in which students are placed in Cypriot cuisine restaurants, for working experience.

Course dates: With a minimum number of 2 participants, course dates can be arranged with the sending organisation.


Teacher: Staff with long experience and confirmed skills in Cypriot cooking


Working Language: English


Fee: €650/ €520 per person (for 5/4 training days respectively). The price includes:

5 days X €70= €350 training fees

5 days X €60= €300 organisational support (excursions, as well as brunch and 1 meal per day).

4 days X €70= €280 training fees

4 days X €60= €240 organisational support (excursions, as well as brunch and 1 meal per day).


Accomodation: You can arrange your accommodation as you prefer (we can help you book hotels if you want).


Payment terms: The whole amount is payable up to 10 days before the course.


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