Royal Cabinet of Natural History (MNCN–CSIC)

The Royal Cabinet was created in the year 1771, as one of the main samples of the inclination of the king Carlos III to that the study of the Nature was cultivated.

Pedro Franco Dávila (1711–1786) contributed the founding collection of the Royal Cabinet and was its first director. In addition, in 1767, he had published the catalog of his collections in three volumes, which was configured in an authentic treatise on Natural Sciences.
Dávila was also a member of the most important scientific societies of the time, such as the Royal Society or the Royal Academy of History.
The current National Museum of Natural Sciences is heir to the Royal Cabinet of Natural History.
We propose you a trip through time, where you can feel the fascination of being in the atmosphere of the Royal Cabinet of Carlos III, with the great diversity of rocks, fossils, mollusc insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals ... that have been preserved in our collections.
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