National Museum of Oriental Art

Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale

The National Museum of Oriental Art (Italian: Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale) is an important museum in Rome, Italy, dedicated to the arts of the Orient, from the Middle East to Japan. In particular, the museum has a rather remarkable collection of artifacts from the Gandhara area. This is due the archaeological missions of the Italian Institute for Middle and Far East (IsMEO) to the Buddhist and protohistoric sites of Swat, namely the Butkara Stupa, Barikot, Panr, Aligrama among others. Other collections include items from the Palace of Mas'ud III and the Buddhist shrine of Tape Sardar at Ghazni,Afghanistan, the prehistoric city of Shahr-e Sokhteh, in eastern Iran, and the art objects from Nepal, Tibet and Ladakh collected by Giuseppe Tucci on his travels in 1928-1948.
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Exhibitions and events

Ancient Near and Middle East

Permanent exhibition

The ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean area, the Iranian Plateau and Central Asia are present with potteries, bronzes, precious metals and semiprecious stones (6th millennium BC – 7th cent....


Permanent exhibition

The section includes metals, glasses and ceramics mainly from Iran, ranging from the Protoislamic to the Qajar period (8th-19th cent.) and findings from Mas’ud III palace at Ghazni in Afghanistan...


Permanent exhibition

The reliefs, coming mostly from the excavations of the Italian Archaeological Expedition in Pakistan, represent scenes of Buddha’s historical life and of his earlier existences (1st-4th cent.). Text...

Tibet and Nepal

Permanent exhibition

The collection is formed mostly by paintings on textiles, metal statues, ritual and everyday life objects, jewels and part of pieces of forniture (12th-19th cent.). Text source Image source


Permanent exhibition

This gallery, recently opened thanks to the generous support of the Korea Foundation, is dedicated to Korean archaeology and art and hosts bronzes, seals, céladons and contemporary art objects. Text...

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