Nordkappmuseet (The North Cape Museum)

The North Cape Museum is a local cultural heritage museum which presents the history of the island of Magerøya and its population, from the Stone Age to Modern Times. 

We are dedicated to inform about the first settlers in the region, the daily life on the island and the reconstruction of Honningsvåg after the city was burned to the ground during the Second World War. 
Our permanent exhibition also covers the fishing and marine development of the region. The Museum also regularly holds temporary art exhibitions by local and international artists. 

Exhibitions and events

Main exhibition

Permanent exhibition

The main exhibition stands on two floors and will take you back in time to when the first men arrived in the region, to the reconstruction of Honningsvåg after the destructions of World War II....

Educational programs

Museum tour


We offer guided tours of the museum in Norwegian, English, Dutch and German.


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