Jules Verne Museum

Musée Jules Verne

The Musée Jules Verne is a museum dedicated to the French writer Jules Verne. It is located in the city of Nantes.

The museum is housed in a beautiful late 19th century building, which overlooks the Loire River. While Verne never lived in the building, its surroundings reflect the atmosphere which influenced his work.

The museum has a collection of artifacts, replicas of his inventions, and memorabilia inspired by his writings. The museum is divided into eight different themes/rooms:

- Jules Verne’s drawing room: The room features chairs and the clock from his own drawing room. His china on display in the room was donated to the City of Nantes by Verne’s descendants. Throughout his career, Verne received the china as gifts from foreign journalists.

- The start of dreams

- The sea, the sea

- The two Jules

- Known and unknown worlds

- The Voyagers on stage

- Reading and games room

- Audiovisual room

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