Dulčić/Masle/Pulitika Gallery

Galerija Dulčić/Masle/Pulitika

The Dulčić/Masle/Pulitika Gallery was opened in a house at Držićeva poljana 1, which after the Homeland War was renovated by the American government, intending it to serve as a memorial to Ronald Brown, American Commerce Secretary, who died in an air crash flying in to Dubrovnik in 1996.

It was opened as a venue where the public could appreciate the works of three important Dubrovnik artists – Ivo Dulčić, Antun Masle and Đuro Pulitika.

However, various technical and other reasons prevented it from coming to life in any real sense, until The Gallery became part of Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik.

In the space which is now appropriately equipped for exhibition work, as well as artist whose name the Dulčić/Masle/Pulitika Gallery bears, the Art Gallery Dubrovnik also intends to present other authors and works from its holdings, and thus to familiarise visitors with the things of value that the Art Gallery Dubrovnik and the city of Dubrovnik have in their possession. As well as constituting an important art exhibition spot in the very heart of the old city centre, it is also a chance for providing information to visitors and encouraging them to visit the main building of the museum which is located outside the walls, where they will be able to learn about other artworks, classically modern and contemporary.

Text source: http://www.ugdubrovnik.hr/dmp/galerija.htm
Foto source: http://www.ugdubrovnik.hr/dmp/galerija.htm

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