Joanneum Universal Museum

Universalmuseum Joanneum

The Joanneum Universal Museum is considered the biggest of its kind in Central Europe. More than 4½ million items in the collections form the basis of a richly faceted ‘universal’ exhibition and events schedule. A programme of exhibitions and events at ten locations throughout Styria transmit a unique panorama of science, art and culture.

The various sites and exhibitions:

- Multimedia Collections

- Natural History Museum

- Museum im Palais

- Kunsthaus Graz

- Künstlerhaus Graz

- Landeszeughaus

- Roman Museum

- Neue Galerie Graz

- Austrian Sculpture Park

- Schloss Eggenberg

- Alte Galerie

- Archaeology Museum

- Coin Cabinet

- Palace and Gardens

- Hunting Museum

- Agriculture Museum

- Schloss Trautenfels

- Folk Life Museum

- Botany

- Geology & Palaeontology

- Mineralogy

- Zoology

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Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

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