Museum of the Old Serbian Orthodox Church

Muzej Stare Srpsko-pravoslavne Crkve

An anomaly between the mosques, the ancient Serbian Orthodox church of St. Michael the Archangel dates from medieval times, the foundations and the unusual arcade structures are even early Christian (5th/6th century).

Although the building may look plain, grey and squat from the outside, the icy cold interior is beautiful, with a large balcony (for the women) and a carved wooden iconostases, the screen holding icons that shields off the altar.

Often destroyed by fire, the current structure that dates from 1740 was ironically badly damaged by Serb shells during the seige.

Types of holdings: a small but interesting collection of silver and gold church objects, robes and most importantly a large collection of icons, many from Crete, dating from the 1600s as well as locally-painted ones.

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