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Pedagoški muzej

Educational Museum was founded in 1896. The Teacher's Association of Serbia, and his task was to collect and keep teaching aids and all that which has educational and historical value and is associated with primary schools and teachers. The building of the former Gymnasium in Uzun Mirkova 14 moved in 1969. year. There in 1975. opened permanent exhibition entitled Ten Centuries of Serbian school, where the visitors could not see until 1994. year.

Educational Museum houses over 50,000 items, documents, books, photographs and other materials - an inexhaustible treasure of information about the development of schooling and education of the Serbs. The museum is the place where the updated knowledge of the past, preserve old traditions and memories back to ancient times, which witnessed a number of exhibits. It is also the place where it is still collected and stored data and leave traces for the future of our time.

In 2007 a new permanent exhibition, which was supplemented by more recent research the history of education and education in Serbia. It marks the modern approach, in which the important role of the various technological innovations. With the museum exhibits are set documentary reviews, photographs, maps, drawings, computer animation are introduced, the hologram, PDAs, video-films and other films.

The museum also periodically organize technical and thematic exhibitions devoted to different aspects of history education in our country.

In addition to exhibition activities the museum has issued several books on education and education in Serbia, required every scholar of cultural and educational history of the Serbs.

The museum is now a modern institution that responds to the needs and preferences of its users. Information can be obtained at the museum are accessible, interesting and accessible to everyone.

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