The Savin House

Savinova hiša

Birthplace of the general and composer Risto Savin. The house has the noteworthy year 1669 on its portal.

The Savin House is located in the centre of the town of Žalec. On the first floor the visitors can visit the memorial room of general and composer Friderik Širca, a.k.a. Risto Savin, the gallery of Jelica Žuža and the gallery of artists from the Savinja region. 

In the Risto Savin memorial room you can see the collection of his furniture, the personal items of the musician and officer who earned the rank of major-general during his successful military career. The visitors can also see the albums of the composer’s ancestors, certificates, medals, posters inviting to Savin’s operas and ballet performances, photographs, a uniform and small everyday objects that show the typical environment of the person, whose heart was beating to the sound of music despite his distinguished military career. 

On the ground floor the visitors can find the Žalec TIC office, where they can get various tourist information and promotional materials, buy a souvenir or a ticket to an event. They can also rent a green bike. They can tour the Savin’s fine arts salon with the current temporary exhibition.

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