The Decorated Bread Museum "Ploumisto Psomi"


Visitors of the Decorated Bread Museum find out that bread is more than food. It has also a cultural perspective. They can learn about the history of the bread, its production cycle, ethnological and sociological characteristics and symbolism that decorated bread brings with it.


Dorita Voskaridou, the researcher, writer and the creator of the museum, prepared each replica bread in the museum. She is always at To Ploumisto Psomi to personally guide visitors through the exhibitions and to explain the symbolism of each bread decoration. Thanks to Mrs Voskaridou, visitors will be thrilled to discover the hidden meaning behind the recurring symbols that used to decorate traditional breads.

The museum stands under the management of non-profit organization Technodromio and it operates thanks to the support and donations of its visitors and sponsors.


At Ploumisto Psomi, visitors can view replicas of decorated breads intended as offerings in religious ceremonies – they can learn the histories of these breads and how they have been used across the centuries. The museum also features actual testimonies from people from various parts of the island, mainly elderly women, who have lived by these traditions and are eager and proud to pass them on to the next generation.


Museum operates daily Monday to Saturday from 09:00-12:30 and 16:00-19:00 except Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Entrance if free and there is the option for attending various guide tours and watch audiovisual material for large or small groups ranging from 2-15 euro according to the programme.


Museum education programs designed by specialists for schools and organized groups include monitoring of audiovisual material, tour and presentation space, experiential workshop and kneading bread decoration, fairytales and traditional hospitality with breakfast. They cover issues such as the cycle of bread, symbolism, social and folkloric dimension of bread, bread in art and literature.

Circles of sessions for adults covering the preparation of liturgical breads, festive breads, breads from the cycle of life etc.


The museum is a living space, open to the public and designed to accommodate children. During the afternoon creative workshop for children "Little Baker" including play-cooking, theatre games, storytelling, visual creations and the "Music Workshop" offered music kinetics programs for early childhood, music programs for pregnant and piano lessons for all ages.


At the Museum a shop is available that sells dough-made artefacts, replicas of the traditional decorated bread (non-edible) and other contemporary dough creations by Ms Voskaridou, giving the visitor the opportunity to support the museum and take a piece of Cyprus tradition back home or even offer a unique gift to family or friends.


The Museum runs a rich researching program continuously, cooperates with relevant museums and foundations abroad and participates in various cooperation programmes. The site operates as an art gallery, center of artistic events, it hosts food and wine tasting events and social events in an effort to stay alive, accessible and always open to the public.

The Museum houses the Centre for Letters and Arts Technodromio, the Storytelling Workshop and occasionally other organizations that wish to use the space for their events.

Exhibitions and events

Cyprus Traditional Decorated Breads

Permanent exhibition

At Ploumisto Psomi, visitors can view replicas of decorated breads intended as offerings in religious ceremonies – they can learn the histories of these breads and how they have been used across the...

Educational programs

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We don't have anything to show you here.

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