National Science and Media Museum

At the National Science and Media Museum, we explore the science and culture of light and sound technologies and their impact on our lives. We aim to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future to see more, hear more, think more and do more.

Our galleries and exhibition spaces help us illuminate world-famous collections in photography, film and television. Our team of Explainers create learning activities that fuel the imagination and get under the skin of our collections and exhibitions.

We're also home to Pictureville Cinema, which includes the UK's first IMAX—the biggest screen in West Yorkshire. Our three cinema screens allow us to showcase the magic of moving images from around the world in Bradford, the first UNESCO City of Film.

We’re part of the Science Museum Group, along with the Science Museum in London, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the National Railway Museum in York, and Locomotion in Shildon.

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Exhibitions and events

Kodak Gallery

Permanent exhibition

Take a journey through the history of photography. Step into a 19th century portrait studio, see hundreds of incredible objects from our collection, and watch the world’s first moving colour film....

Life Online

Permanent exhibition

How did our lives change when the internet was born? Find out in the world’s first gallery dedicated to the social, technological and cultural impact of the web. Follow the history of the internet...


Permanent exhibition

Think like a scientist in Wonderlab, our newest and most interactive gallery exploring light and sound through mind-bending exhibits and spectacular live shows. Touch, try and photograph your...

BFI Mediatheque

Permanent exhibition

Grab a booth in the BFI Mediatheque and discover the best, rarest and most extraordinary films and TV programmes from the BFI National Archive. Simply log on at a viewing station and choose from over...

Animation Gallery

Permanent exhibition

Love Wallace and Gromit? Remember Morph? Discover original models and artwork from over 100 animations. See science in action as still images come to life! Explore the history of animation and...

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Educational programs

We don't have anything to show you here.


We don't have anything to show you here.


3. 12. 2020

A short history of the internet

National Science and Media Museum

This short history explores the development of the internet, from its 1950s origins, the development of the ARPANET, early uses of computer networks, the...

3. 07. 2020

A very short history of cinema

National Science and Media Museum

This short history explores the development of cinema: its invention and early formats; the rise of the film industry; the addition of colour and sound; the...

22. 01. 2020

Robert Paul and the race to invent cinema

National Science and Media Museum

Robert Paul was one of the most important and prolific figures in Victorian cinema. Discover how this forgotten pioneer of cinematography created...

8. 07. 2019

From the Moon to your living room: the Apollo 11 broadcast

National Science and Media Museum

The Moon landing was one of the biggest television events in history, reaching an estimated 650 million viewers. Discover the story of the planning and...

9. 11. 2018

The history of photography in pictures

National Science and Media Museum

Explore the development of western photography through special selections from our collection. From 1835 to the early 21st century, our curators...

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