Escher in Het Paleis

Escher in Het Paleis is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the world-famous artist M.C. Escher, whose art startled millions of people all over the world.

The collection is housed in the former Winter Palace of Queen Mother Emma of the Netherlands. It is the only public building in The Hague where the original royal ambience of a palace has been maintained.

Permanent exhibtion: Eternity & Infinity
From the 15th of November: A Sense of Wonder, from boredom to optical illusions

With over 150 prints you can always see the best known works and a changing selection of graphic work and tesselations from the complete works of Maurits C. Escher (1898-1972) at Escher in Het Paleis. Highlight of the visit and crown on the exhibition is the 7 meters long Metamorphosis III. This enormous woodcut and the non-conventional way of displaying it let’s the visitor actually experience Escher combining time and space as an organic unity.

The art of Escher instills a sense of bewilderment and wonder, and fascinates young and old alike with his magical world. The exhibition includes famous ‘impossible’ prints such as “Day and Night”, where the Dutch landscape appears to morph into a flock of birds, and “Climbing and Descending” which depicts rows of people perpetually ascending and descending a flight of stairs. His fantastical structures, which couldn’t possibly exist in the real world, are optical illusions that play with perspective.

As well as showcasing his famous prints, The Palace also houses a collection of Escher’s early works, such as the beautiful Italian landscapes, studies of Moorish mosaics and bizarre still lives. The photographs of Escher’s family capture the private life of Escher, and the wood blocks and lithographic stones familiarize visitors in an accessible manner with his working methods.

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