Collection 23

Art from Switzerland from the 18th century to the present.

The collection presentation shows classical and contemporary works from the collection of the Aargauer Kunsthaus. It makes a changing selection of works accessible. This selection is re-curated at regular intervals.

The Aargauer Kunsthaus has the most comprehensive public collection of art from Switzerland from the 18th century to the immediate present.

With works by René Acht, Hans Arp, Mireille Gros, Lucie Schenker, Hugo Suter, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Cécile Wick, Rolf Winnewisser, Caspar Wolf, Robert Zünd and others.

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Exhibitions and events

Stranger in the Village

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus until 07.01.2024

Based on works by Swiss and international artists, the exhibition addresses questions of belonging and exclusion in a world that is still dominated by white thinking. Racism is also reflected in art....

Selection 23

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus from 02.12.2023

The exhibition provides an insight into the formal and thematic diversity of current regional art. At the end of the year, the Aargauer Kunsthaus, in collaboration with the Aargauer Kuratorium,...

Augusto Giacometti. Freiheit | Auftrag

Temporary exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus from 27.01.2024

The exhibition reveals the field of tension in which the artist and cultural politician moved productively throughout his life. The comprehensive presentation draws attention to a multifaceted...

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