Kinship: Castle Mills Members Show 2022

Hung across Galleries 1 & 2, ‘Kinship’ celebrates the building of community and feelings of belonging relating to the world around us – from family and friends, feeling rooted in a particular landscape, or sharing affinities with those around us in many different ways. 


The theme for our second annual members show at Castle Mills recognises the importance of making work amongst peers in the Edinburgh Printmakers Print Studio: a peer group within Edinburgh Printmaker’s wider community, surrounded by the many communities of our Fountainbridge locale. With works across a broad spectrum of print mediums on paper, open folios, animated GIFs and dress, parallels and cross-overs have emerged: from closely-studied landscapes, to animals in their own habitats, and to frequently-visited sites across Edinburgh. Work has been selected that highlights these shared concerns, alongside a kinship in colour palettes and forms of mark-making. 


Additionally, 2022 marks the 30th year of Alastair Clark, our Head of Editions, working for Edinburgh Printmakers. Running concurrent to the Members’ Show, a selection of works with career highlights will be presented to mark this occasion in the lower shop corridor. 

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