Ornamental Mythologies: Hannah Lim

Edinburgh Printmakers will host the first solo exhibition in Scotland by emerging Singaporean-British artist Hannah Lim whose vibrant artworks have captured the attention of audiences worldwide ahead of further shows in New York and Milan later this year. The London based artist will work in printmaking for the first time as she continues her exploration of  East and South East Asian culture and its appropriation for Western audiences.


Speaking on her work artist Hannah Lim said: "As a person of mixed Singaporean and British heritage both my research and practice has come to engage with the colonial connotations of the relationship between the East and the West. These connotations are most evident in themes such as Orientalism and its relationship to Chinoiserie; an 18th century aesthetic trend in which elements of Chinese design were recreated in relation to European aesthetics and tastes. I attempt to re-imagine and reclaim ideas and designs associated with  Chinoiserie, which have in the past had problematic colonial undertones. Cultural designs are shared as opposed to appropriated, it is no longer about one culture being moulded to the demands of another."   

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