"That which we do not remember" exhibition by William Kentridge

Kaunas 2022 Europien Capital of Culture

William Kentridge - One of the world’s most influential contemporary artists. An honest and painfully candid humanist, whose exhibitions are coveted by the best galleries in the world. For the first time in Eastern Europe. This will be a hugely significant event for both Kaunas and the artist himself, as William Kentridge will be visiting the city of his ancestors! The exhibition That Which We Do Not Remember will compel you to forget stereotypes. In this exhibition, Kentridge addresses humanity’s selective memory. The rejection of facts, history, and memories as a means of self-preservation or a tool of propaganda is just as common a characteristic among people in Johannesburg and Rome as it is in Kaunas, says Kentridge. We all choose what we wish to remember and what to expel from our memories. Kentridge hopes to fill these gaps in our memory and speak with us about what we deliberately, or unconsciously, no longer remember.

Curator of the exhibition: Virginija Vitkienė
Architect of the exhibition: Sabine Theunissen

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