The World on the Upper Rhine - Photographs by Robert Häusser from the 1960s

Robert Häusser, a pioneer of contemporary photography, worked from 1961 to 1965 on a unique long-term project commissioned by the Braun publishing house in Karlsruhe. The result was impressive photographs of the castles, palaces, towns, but also of the professions or rural and urban everyday life along the Upper Rhine. The photographs were published in 1961 in the newly founded publication: "Welt am Oberrhein. Zweimonatsschrift für Kultur, Wirtschaft und Dokumentation". (World on the Upper Rhine.Bimonthly magazine for culture, economy and documentation.)The exhibition shows these photographs in combination with photographs from the Robert Häusser Archive that have never been shown before.

The exhibition takes place within the framework of the tri-national project "The Rhine" of the "Museums" network, an initiative of MuseumsPASSMusée.

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