Community origami installation "Folding a human"

400 paper-men clung together into an integral human, walking bravely into the city on a community mission. We invite you to celebrate the first step of this human‘s journey into “Gallery without Walls”. Origami paper-men were folded by the volunteers from Women‘s Helpline and elder women club “PRIEmenė“, along with the participants of an open folding workshop.

At September and October gatherings in an exhibition “In Memory of Paper”, the paper became a social medium, a challenge that led to being together, sharing experiences and emotions. The photographic documentation of the workshops, their thoughts and paper-men turned into an exhibition of the “Gallery without Walls“.

Exhibitions and events

Kęstutis Grigaliūnas playground gallery: meeting the laureates

Temporary exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery until 29.03.2020

One of the most versatile Lithuanian artists, the National Culture and Art Prize laureate Kęstutis Grigaliūnas is presenting his new exhibition, with its main objective to engage visitors...

“The Best Artwork of 2019”

Temporary exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery until 01.03.2020

“The Best Artwork of the Year” – one of the most popular and highly praised exhibitions since 1999 invites visitors to the annual show. Artists and the public have the opportunity to choose the best...

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