History of the danish armed forces

The permanent exhibition is split in to themes. This part tells the story of the danish armed forces from the date of creation in 1614 by royal decree up until today. The Funen Liferegiment is the center of the exhibit because the museum started out as a collection under The Funen Liferegiment, Odense.

We pressent the wars and the battles particulally the funen part of the army has participated in, as well as some personal stories. A lagre part of this exhibit is concerned whith the day of german occupation of Denmark april 9th 1940, because a lot of the soldiers at the front on this day were "funen boys". The museum has a collection of personal objects from the soldiers that fought the germans on this day that really bring the events to life. A unique and moving part of the museum, that should not be missed.

A part of this exhibit inklude the danish homeguard and the musiccorps of The Funen Liferegiment.

Exhibitions and events

Danish soldiers in other countries

Permanent exhibition

This part of the permanent exhibit is concerned with the danish sodiers who went to serve in other parts of the world. Many danish soldiers have served under the UN but before that some 2000 danish...

The danish freedomfighters

Permanent exhibition

This part of the permanent exhibition tells the story about the danish freedomfighters under the german occupation of Denmark during ww2. From april 9th 1940 the danish people developed resistence...

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