Tudors and Stuarts Gallery

The English Civil war began at Hull, when the governor of the town refused to allow King Charles I to enter it and seize its arsenal. The king’s supporters placed the town under siege and visitors can relive the events of the siege by taking the roles of Royalist or Parliamentarian in an interactive game. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a ‘virtual tour’ of Hull’s Citadel, built in the 1680s to defend the port and ensure the loyalty of Hull’s citizens to the Crown.

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Saxons and Viking Gallery

Permanent exhibition

By the fifth century AD German settlers were living in East Yorkshire. Finds from the region also reflect overseas trade, with imported objects ranging from silver coins minted in Frisia to a fine...

Roman Britain Galleries

Permanent exhibition

The focal point of the museum’s Roman galleries is a recreation of the centre of the Roman settlement of Petuaria (Brough). Innovative displays of pottery, glass, oil lamps and brooches are mounted...

Iron Age Galleries

Permanent exhibition

The North Grimston Sword is a particularly fine example of the Celtic metal-worker’s art. Visitors can also wander through a full-size reconstruction of part of an Iron Age settlement, complete with...

Bronze Age Gallery

Permanent exhibition

Bronze Age (2,000- 600 BC) treasures include a spectacular display of exquisitely-crafted pottery beakers and food vessels as well as the magnificent swords, axes and daggers which were the luxury...

Prehistoric Galleries

Permanent exhibition

Galleries featuring objects from the Palaeolithic (250,000- 8,300 BC), Mesolithic (8,300- 4,000 BC) and Neolithic (4,000- 2,000 BC) time periods. Many of the finds displayed in the Prehistoric...

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