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antoninianus Roman Imperial

sestertius Roman Imperial

semis Roman Imperial

denarius Roman Imperial

medieval silver penny of Alexander III

hammer stone (or pounder)

denarius Roman Imperial

dupondius Roman Imperial

"The Triumph of Caesar; Soldiers carrying...

quadrans Roman Imperial

volcanic ash; ("mud collected at Wairoa..")

pitchstone; dark green, with quartz, plagioclase...

unnamed and unidentified fossil;

sestertius Roman Imperial

disc, scabbard mount?

Sketchbook of a tour in Gloucestershire,...

flint arrowhead (leaf shaped)

denarius Roman Imperial

*Sesia tipuliformis* L. Un

Lamniformes indet.; brown, elongate

*Phalaena bimaculata* Fabricius. (= *Lomographa...

quartz var. agate; variegated yellow, green and...

aureus Roman Imperial

celsian-quartz rock

'Francois Tallemant abbe de Valchretien'...

marble; ("Rosso mistio") red marble, with white...

Foulis Academy volume: "Genesis" Adam and Eve...

*Gammarus zaddachi* Sexton Un

*Dickosteus threiplandi* Miles & Westoll; median...

olivine-dolerite; with poikilitic clinopyroxene

denarius Roman Imperial

*Carabus ferrugineus* Linnaeus. Un

"Rev. Thomas Reid" 1796

*Papilio mantus* Cramer, is *Azanus isis* Drury,...

antoninianus Roman Imperial

*Gyracanthus formosus* Agassiz; spine fragment

denarius Roman Imperial

aureus Roman Imperial

"Old Battersea Bridge" 1879

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