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Dissecting Knife

sestertius Roman Imperial

*Asteracanthus ornatissimus*; teeth (11)

antoninianus Roman Imperial

Tenebrionid sp. (*Boros unicolor* Say, 1827 , det...

*Cheirolepis* sp.;

'Johannes Churchill Marchio de Blandford (John...

sestertius Roman Imperial

quadrans Roman Imperial

cordierite-biotite-hornfels; with corundum

weight (for cheese press)

clarinet in C

*Acridium bipunctatum* Linn., now *Tetrix* Un

Sketchbook of travels in Scotland and a tour to...

aureus Roman Imperial

*Sphinx tetrio* L. Un

Photograph of portrait of Anna Muthesius, painted...

antoninianus Roman Imperial

Frances Septima Birnie Philip 1890/1894

*Triodus serratus* (Davis, 1892); two teeth with...

mid caudal sauropod vertebra; cast

pelitic? xenolith, with anorthositic reaction...

sestertius Roman Imperial

dessert knife with pistol handle

dupondius Roman Imperial

Maori staff (taiaha)

dupondius/as Roman Imperial

aureus Roman Imperial

'Two girls with a cage' from volume "82 prints...

antoninianus Roman Imperial

RHYTON: ANIMAL-HEAD CUP (sheep's head)

Electrically maintained tuning fork

"A Nude Model Arranging Flowers" c.1896-1900

*Xenacanthus laevissimus*; incomplete fin spine

samian pottery fragment

*Phalaena volutata* Fabricius. Un

sestertius Roman Imperial

Tuning fork

'O Rare Show' from volume "Mezzotintoes by Smith...

antoninianus Roman Imperial