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'Summer' from volume "Collection of Prints,...

"Qu'en dit l'abbe" (What does the abbe think?)...

*Sphinx carolina* L. Un

urine testing set

jar (or urn), body fragment, smoothed, red,

denarius Roman Imperial

brick fragments,

"Marin Cureau de la Chambre" 1665

*Papilio rosimon* Fabricius, 1775. Now in genus...

*Papilio eumeus* Fabricius, 1781 Un type

as Roman Imperial

"Thomas Hardy No 6" 1920

denarius Roman Imperial

denarius Roman Imperial

*Unident* Un

sestertius Roman Imperial

*Papilio nestor* L. Un

denarius Roman Imperial

aureus Roman Imperial

tugtupite; (pink) with chlakovite (white) vein...

antoninianus Roman Imperial

sestertius Roman Imperial

*Cerambyx farinosus* Linn. (= *Taeniotes...

*Papilio itea* F. currently known as *Pyrameis...

marble (for playing marbles)

marble; ("Pavonazzo mischio moderno") brown...

12 vases after designs of Polidoro da Caravaggio:...

Roman medallion Roman Imperial

"The Whitesmiths, Impasse des Carmelites" 1894

'Philibert Emmanuel de Beaumanois de Lavardin...

aureus Roman Imperial

felsite; spherulitic, pale grey with phenocrysts...

*Coccosteus cuspidatus* Miller; three fragments

One Beggar's Badge (Montrose, 19th century)

axe head

aureus Roman Imperial

*Gryllus sulphureus* Fabr. 1781. Linn., now...

sestertius Roman Imperial

*Stenocorus meridianus* Linnaeus. Un

denarius Roman Imperial