Vote for Museums.EU at the Europeana AGM

Posted on 07.10.2014 by Sašo Zagoranski
Europeana holds its annual meeting at the end of October in Madrid. This year, representatives from a wide variety of cultural heritage projects were invited to become part of the agenda in so called "Ignite Talks".

Museums.EU and Semantika will also be present and we've prepared an interesting presentation titled "How Europeana powers the vision of Museums.EU" where I'll describe how we've been able to creatively reuse content from Europeana.

In total, 25 applications have arrived and only 6 will be selected, so we need your help!

You need to be a Europeana Network member to vote, so if you're not already a member, you can join here:

Once you're a member, you can vote by using this link:

My talk is number 24. Thanks for the support!