Games Lounge

Permanent exhibition

Play your way through classic games, from Pac-Man to Super Mario Kart. Learn about the history of videogaming. Discover the story behind a global phenomenon.

Experience TV

Permanent exhibition

Explore the development, significance and cultural impact of one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century: television. Why do we have adverts on TV, and how much are we influenced by...

Above the Noise

Temporary exhibition until 17.06.2019

What happens when the mainstream media doesn’t speak for a community? How do people react when they feel their home town is misrepresented? For years, people in Bradford have been recording their own...

Spring Holiday family fun

Temporary exhibition until 28.04.2019

Join us over the Easter holidays—there’s lots to discover. Try out a hands-on activity, watch a fantastic free live show, and peek behind the scenes of our collection. Plus we have amazing galleries...