Acropolis Museum

Μουσείο Ακρόπολης

The Acropolis Museum enters its fifth year of operation and from its opening in June 2009 until May 2014 more than 6.500.000 local and foreign visitors have passed through the Museum’s doors. More and more of the hundreds of thousands visitors to the Acropolis Museum are rediscovering the lure of the works of the ancient world and enjoying the grandeur of the sculptures of classical Greece. The Museum’s objective is to transform such enthusiasm into a more substantial relationship between visitors and this ancient cultural heritage which has remained an inspiration for over 25 centuries.

Using many different strategies, the Museum attempts to make visitors real participants in its research program on the interpretation and comprehension of its exhibits. In the systematic efforts to reconstitute the lost colors of the sculptures, the visitor becomes familiar with interesting methods, both those in natural space and digital, with an opportunity to gain specialized historical knowledge about the ancients’ view of their world and its artistic endeavors.

The Museum recently completed the conservation and restoration of the Caryatids, the Korai from the south porch of the Erechtheion temple, using innovative laser technology. The Museum chose not to move the Caryatids from the galleries to its laboratories to provide visitors with the opportunity to observe procedures that until recently were undertaken only in the conservation area.

Today, the Acropolis Museum provides an increasingly diverse program of activities for its visitors (‘A day at the Acropolis Museum’), archaeological family backpacks, children’s activities, weekly gallery talks by Museum Archaeologist-Hosts, 3D projections about the Acropolis in Antiquity, quiet reading areas with publications about the Acropolis, musical evenings, attractive gifts available in the Museum shops, Greek dishes based on traditional recipes in the Museum restaurant, etc.     


Exhibitions and events

Archaic Colors

Permanent exhibition

The Acropolis Museum is conducting research on its unique collection of archaic statues, which retain their colors to a small or large degree, and to open a very extensive discussion with the public...

Educational programs

Family Backpacks


Τhe Acropolis Museum gives families the opportunity to enjoy their visit and learn about the exhibits in a creative way through the specially designed Family Backpacks.  Families can borrow...

Gallery Talks


The Acropolis Museum gives visitors the opportunity to participate in the following presentations of selected exhibits held by Archaeologist–Hosts: The Parthenon Why we consider the Parthenon...


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11. 07. 2014

New York Times, 7/7/2014, Caryatid Statues, Restored, Are Stars at Athens Museum

Acropolis Museum

ATHENS — For 2,500 years, the six sisters stood unflinching atop the Acropolis, as the fires of war blazed around them, bullets nicked their robes, and...

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