Musée de la Photographie André Villers

The Museum of Photography was born with the help of professional photographer André Villers’ donation to the municipality of Mougins.

By exposing his works and bringing together the virtuosi that portrayed Pablo Picasso, such as Doisneau, Lartigue, Clergue or Duncan, here is a marvelous tribute to the Spanish genius.

Picasso was able to forge strong, lasting relationships with his photographer friends. This is why he opened the doors of his workshop and shared with them the precious instants of intimacy that they were able to capture with the talent they all possess.

This is also an insight into the artist’s work, immersed in the creative process, which is highlighted in the museum of photography. This permanent collection was further enriched with photo-collages produced by André Villers.

Throughout the whole year, the museum’s activity is paced by the hosting of temporary exhibitions showcasing young contemporary creators as well as more prestigious photographers of international fame.

The museum also displays a unique collection of old cameras, that testify to the evolution of the art over the years.

The photography museum adjoins the Saracen door, one of the last remnants of Mougins’ medieval past. The old establishment in which it is situated gives it a unique charm and allows visitors to admire the French Riviera’s fabulous coastline and the Lérins islands.

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