Science Museum at Wroughton

The Science Museum at Wroughton in Wroughton, near Swindon, Wiltshire, England is the large object store of the Science Museum (London) a major tourist attraction.

The Science Museum took ownership of the 545-acre (2.21 km2) former RAF Wroughton airfield in 1979, to be used as a storage facility for the largest objects of the Science Museum. A collection of approximately 20,000 objects are currently kept in six of the hangers, from the first hovercraft to MRI scanners, and computers to (de-activated) nuclear missiles. The Science Museum at Wroughton is currently a museum store serving the conservation, object storage, and transportation needs of the Science Museum, and is not open to the public except during occasional Open Days or on monthly pre-booked group guided tours during the summer.

The museum has struggled to find a use for the site and to fund upgrades to the facilities. Most storage on the site lacks even rudimentary climate control.

The site is also home to the Science Museum Library and Archives, which are open to the public by appointment.

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