Alpinarium Galtür

In 1999 the major avalanche disaster had especially serious consequences for Galtür. As a result, extensive avalanche protection, in keeping with the most recent, technical and state-of-the-art innovations, was installed. A central element of the 234 metre long and 19 metre high protective wall is the Galtür Alpinarium. The combination of protective wall and exhibition room makes the architecture of the Alpinarium unique in the entire world.

The modern and artistic design of the building interior and the exterior architecture, matched to the natural surroundings, are indeed impressive. Inside the building is a room dedicated to the memory of those who perished on 23 February, 1999.

The Alpine Exhibition in Tyrol takes you to the world of the mountains, while you can train on the indoor climbing wall without danger of falling and the Internet lounge offers you access to the World Wide Web even during your holiday. In addition, a café with sun terrace and seminar rooms also awaits your visit.

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Exhibitions and events

Mountains in Motion

Permanent exhibition

Up to as many as 80 viewers can watch a fascinating film in a specially built movie theatre. Lutz Maurer, the alpine specialist and director, presents a documentary that illustrates how the disaster...

"The Wall" - Fascination snow, myth avalanche

Permanent exhibition

1999 - 2009: In the 10th year of existance, a cautious change takes place in the Alpinarium Galtür. The current exhibition "The Wall - life on the mountains" is updated and supplemented. The...

Educational programs

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