Museum of Herzegovina Mostar

Muzej Hercegovine Mostar

The Museum of Herzegovina was founded in 1950 with the goal of finding, collecting, keeping and presenting to the public the abundant cultural-historical heritage of Mostar and Herzegovina.

Within the framework of its collections, the Museum is in possession of tens of thousands of museum items, documents, photographs and other material.

Archeological, ethnographic, literal-historical, library, numismatic, written and other exhibits and programs in the exhibition area and Museum depots, very vividly and in a picturesque manner with continuity, have depicted and testified the condensed happenings which constantly have taken place in Herzegovina and Mostar.

The constancy and intensity of those happenings are confirmed by gone epochs, and they are kept and inherited by the Museum.

The Museum of Herzegovina is placed at the memorial house of “Dzemal Bijedic”.

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