António de Almeida Foundation

Fundação Eng. António de Almeida

Located in the Boavista neighborhood, in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, the Fundação Engenheiro António de Almeida (António de Almeida Foundation) is a cultural private institution dedicated to the arts, education and the preservation of the legacy and memory of its founder, António de Almeida.

António de Almeida was a Portuguese benefactor, born in Vila Real, in 1891 and died in Porto in 1968. His life is closely related to the city of Porto since 1910, when he came to the city to study. His entire professional life, linked to the direction of Banco Espírito Santo, was also spent in Porto. In the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, António de Almeida was already considered one of the leading personalities in the city, known for his support for the arts and for his dedication to the cultural life of Porto.

He dedicated his life to the protection of arts and culture, and was also a great collector. He left all his collections to the Foundation, and today it can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Foundation’s museum, housed in the former family house, is a space that preserves the unique home environment of the mid-20th century. The classic furniture, tapestries, paintings and collections, especially the huge coin collection (composed only of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Portuguese and French gold coins) are the most prominent points of the museum.

At the same time, the Foundation organizes and sponsors conferences and seminars, publishes academic papers and, in the last 40 years, has given an award to the best students in Portuguese universities. The gardens also deserve a visit, and it’s free and easy to spend a few hours of your journey there.

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