Y Gallery

Galerija Y, Zavod za razvoj umetniškega trga

Y Gallery was founded in 2020 and presents some of the local artists such as Tina Dobrajc and Arjan Pregl, Sašo Vrabič and Mito Gegič. It strives to manage and establish a diverse exhibition program in the field of contemporary art, incorporating different media and curatorial approaches, and including artists of all ages. Annually, it organizes a group exhibition called ECOART, in which it presents new productions by young artists whose practice is related to ecology and environmental activism. For the future, the gallery is preparing to exchange exhibitions with galleries from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The gallery's location on Trubarjeva Street, near the Cukrarna and the new Rog Center, makes it well connected to the central cultural events of the capital.

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