Regional History Museum “Stoyu Shishkov” - Smolyan


Established in 1935 by Stoyu Nedelev Shishkov –researcher of the Rhodopes,  teacher, publisher, cultural and public figure of European magnitude- the Museum of History in Smolyan is the biggest museum that preserves the signs of the memory of the people inhabiting the central part of the Rhodopes in different periods of history.

Today the museum in Smolyan - worth being named after such a great person -  proceeds with its research, study and  the preservation and popularisation of the movable monuments of history of  the everyday life and culture of the Middle Rhodopes in order to hand them down to the future generations.

The Museum serves society in various ways: it brings spiritual enlightenment and inspiration to people by taking them on a journey back to their roots and giving them the chance to get to know other cultures through its unique collections displaying the richness and variety of the ancient traditions of the region; through the research and publicity resources; and last but not least – by creating a network of successful partnerships.

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