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Is it an original or a forgery?
Good forgers know exactly how to imitate old paint pigments and the works are also 'carefully' aged. In our museum of counterfeit art, expert tour guides explain the techniques used, the difference between copy and forgery and the entire gray area in between.

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Fake Art Museum

Permanent exhibition

Since 1998, the former town hall of Vledder has been a unique meeting place for visitors who want to hear the story behind the many art forgeries. In addition, the museum offers two attractive...

Art and Antiques Crime Team exhibits confiscated counterfeit art

Temporary exhibition until 27.09.2020

At the Museum False Art in Vledder, the National Police Art and Antique Crime Team is holding a retrospective exhibition of confiscated forged works of art.

Outsider Art expositie

Temporary exhibition until 27.12.2020

Ook dit jaar exposeren een aantal cliënten van de stichting Trajectum in de bovenzalen van Museum Valse Kunst te Vledder. Dit is al de vijfde opeenvolgende keer dat cliënten van de locatie Hoeve...

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We don't have anything to show you here.

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