In the ocean of my soul

The space within our inner eye is immeasurable. “In the ocean of my soul everything is full of pictures of great things ... and that's where I meet myself," said theologian Augustine about 1700 years ago. The Kunsthaus presents works by artists who make their inner world of personal encounters and sensations visible to the outside world through painting, drawing and sculpture. In doing so, notions of creativity, sexuality, self-awareness and extrinsic experiences are called upon to reflect and test our imagination. The exhibition contemplates the similarities between sensory and sexual organs, of openings and wounds, of seeing and hurting, and how these subjects recur throughout art history and present day.
Marc Czyzewski (Karlsruhe), Jürgen Essing  (Münster), Werner Otto Lexa (Dormagen),  Hans Oberle (Neumünster-Rickling), Sven Redlich (Köln), Mark Stevens (Perth/Australia), Nicole Szlachetka (Münster),  Lisa Urban (Hamburg), OTTO (Rüdiger Schmidt) (Greifswald)

Keywords: outsider-art

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