Representatives archaeological artifacts from Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization, Deva

This is an exhibition inside Magna Curia Castle, in Deva City.
It could be seen the most important archaeological items, from our Museum Collections, belonging to various historical ages: Prehistory, Dacian Times, Roman Times.
There are vessels made from clay, clay figurines, adornments, tools and weapons made from stone, bone, horn and metal.

Exhibitions and events

Art Exhibition. The fine ceramic objects of Batiz type, XIXth Century.

Temporary exhibition at Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization until 31.01.2022

An art exhibition, about a precious collection of fine ceramics by Batiz, Hunedoara County,  exhibiting twenty-two pieces of Interior Art Collection of  Museum of Dacian and Roman...

DEVA FORTRESS- 750 Years Since First Documentary Attestation

Temporary exhibition at Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization until 31.12.2020

The exhibition summarizes the results of archaeological researches which begun in the late Nineteenth Century and the partial conclusions of archaeological excavations in 2008 and 2013. The main...


Permanent exhibition

Representatives stone and marble items from Museum Collections, Prehistory, Dacian Times and Roman Age. There you may see menhirs (Bronze Age), fragments of Murus Dacicus (the dacian wall ) from...


Permanent exhibition

Our museum has gathered a series of artifacts made of precious metals, prezented to the public, along with the stories hidden behind the artifacts. Among them are pieces of clothing and adornment,...

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