4th Tiennial of Youn Artists - PREMIERE 2018. Cultural Space, Space, Placements

Urška Aplinc, Živa Božičnik Rebec, Maja Burja, Lea Culetto, Doroteja Dolinšek, Miha Godec, Jasmina Grudnik, Rok Horvat, Neža Knez, Tina Konec, Eva Lucija Kozak, Lene Lekše, Maruša Mazej, Danilo Milovanović, Saša Nemec, Tajda Novšak, Plateauresidue (Aljaž Celarc in Eva Pavlič Seifert), Lara Reichmann, Kaja Urh

The fourth triennial exhibition of works by young artists, which we have chosen through an open call, is a reflection of the recent, media-diversified art production, manifold in its content and form. On view are the projects of twenty Slovenian artists, who have either finished their art studies or have already begun to successfully forge their way to professional presentations of contemporary art. This year’s selection has led to more or less open thematic points, expressions, policies and experiences tied to the body and the space or environment. We have tried to combine three aspects, which make up their artworks, into a whole. The first is the depiction and use of the body as a motif, an art medium with several problemic levels. The second is the experience of a geographically or otherwise identifiable space, which, among others, involves a temporal dimension. The third is the expected relationship between the body, its language and the physical space surrounding it. Even though the works do not involve direct performative action or even radical forms of staging the body, it nevertheless exposes the interest for its use in various art contexts. The set-up, which contains the aesthetic relation between the space and the subject, often involves the viewer himself. The viewer, who is in some of the works required to step into the piece by the artist, adds meaning to the project and process of communication between the art institution and the general social horizon through his understanding of the seen. Through the many roles, the artist and the viewer can finally confirm the solid relationship between the body, cultural objects and social meanings, the inexhaustible placement of all the dimensions discussed within the contemporary art practices. More

Curator: Maja Antončič

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