The Stegosurus hall

Stegosaurs from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation (Wyomiung, USA)
Three original Stegosaurus skeletons !
These are "Moritz", "lilly" and "Victoria", the last one with remains of skin impressions!
Cast of the Stegosaurus skeleton with the most complete set of bony plates!

Exhibitions and events

Main hall of dinosaur skeletons

Permanent exhibition

Original skeletons of Upper Jurassic Dinosaurs (Morrison Formation, Wyoming, USA): Allosaurus ("Big al Two") Camarasaurus ("E.T.") Othnielosaurus ("Barbara") Camtosaurus ("Arky") Diplodocus ("HQ...

European Dinosaurs

Permanent exhibition

European Dinosaurs An overview of the Dinosaur finds in Europe. Here, modern research on dinosaurs actually started with the British Researchers Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen. Later finds in...

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