Dentistry collection

Technical heritage of Slovene dentistry

The dentistry collection is unique in its contents: it exhibits old instruments and equipment that were used by Slovenian dentists, dental surgeons and dental technicians in the 20th century. Over several decades, Franc Štofla, a dentist from Celje, collected an extensive collection of items, which bears witness to the development of dentistry. He donated the collection to the Celje Museum of Recent history in 1991, for which he was awarded the prestigious Valvasor prize of the Slovenian Museum Association in 1997. The collection was conceived in order to secure and protect an exceptional part of our cultural heritage – the medical technical heritage that is otherwise not presented in Slovenian museums. We ensure the growth and development of the collection and present it to the public.

Exhibitions and events

Living in Celje

Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition about Celje and its people in the 20th century The permanent exhibition Living in Celje is a unique tribute to the city on the Savinja River. It tells story of everyday life of...

Children's museum Herman's den

Permanent exhibition

Children's museum and the place of children's creativity The exhibition opened in 1995 and is still the only children’s museum in Slovenia. The museum for children draws its contents both from the...

Photographic skylight studio of Josip Pelikan

Permanent exhibition

Photographic studio from the end of the 19 th century This exhibition opened in 1989. The photographer Josip Pelikan worked in the studio from 1920. Today the studio contains a permanent exhibition...

'Stari pisker' Collection

Permanent exhibition

Memorial for victims of Nazi violence The building of the former Minorite monastery was reshaped into a penitentiary; that is when the whole building was given the name 'Stari pisker'. In the...

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