Shropshire’s First World War Film Festival Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery presents…. ‘The Burying P

8th November 5.00pm Shropshire’s First World War Film Festival Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery presents…. ‘The Burying Party’ & ‘The Long Way Home’ double bill with Q & A with the film makers chaired by Carl Jones, BBC Shropshire film reviewer. The programme is expected to last about 3 hours. Refreshments will be available at Stop Café on the ground floor of the Museum & Art Gallery before the performance. There will be a short break between the two films. ‘The Burying Party’ (12A advisory, 2018, UK, director Richard Weston) October 1918, the final month of World War I. Beginning with the extraordinary victory at Joncourt, war poet Wilfred Owen looks back on the final year of his life as the Manchesters march toward Sambre, a battle which will likely wipe out his entire regiment. Looking back to Summer 1917, Owen remembers his admission to Craiglockhart Hospital due to shellshock, which led to the unlikely meeting with his literary idol Siegfried Sassoon. They begin a remarkable friendship that sees him introduce him to some of the most influential literary figures of his generation. No longer a struggling poet, but convalescing with his contemporaries, Owen spends many spectacular bohemian days and nights in London. He forms a relationship with Charles Scott Moncrieff and is constantly reminded of the company's incredible war records and experiences and decides to return to the front line. While Owen approaches Sambre, he remembers his final goodbyes with his closest friends and loved ones as they edge closer to the monstrous anger of the guns, writing home to comfort his mother of his near-certain demise. ‘The Long Way Home’ (15 advisory, 2018, UK, director Jacob Lewis-Taylor) November, 1918 Silence falls on the Western Front. In the aftermath of an horrific gas attack, the remnants of a small Shropshire Battalion, led by Capt. John Hemmingway - the younger son of the estate they all left behind - find themselves trapped on the British front line. As the German guns fall silent and an impenetrable fog befalls no-man's land, the final days of the war become a desperate bid for survival as Capt. Hemmingway fights to hold on to what little sanity he has left. Tickets: £9 (age 15+) plus booking fee Tel: 01743 258888 Tickets on sale through TICKETSOURCE:

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