A Wake for Jeremy Bentham

Don your best mourning garments as we throw a wake for Jeremy Bentham, the 270 year old philosopher whose request to have his body persevered and put on public display revolutionised the way we thought about death, the dead body and grief. Since his death in 1832 our attitudes towards death and grief have changed significantly, going from the very public displays of mourning beloved by the Victorians to personal private affairs today. But with recent movements such as Death Café and Dying Matters, how we grieve and how we celebrate a person’s life at the point of their death is being discussed much more openly. Join us at a Wake for Jeremy Bentham to discuss the role of death and grief in society today and raise a glass to the man himself and immerse yourself in our specially created Victorian mourning parlour.

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Source: http://www.culture24.org.uk/mw305?id=EVENT581467

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