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Discover the story of the Thames Valley and the people who lived there from 450,000 BC to the coming of the Romans in AD 50. Our London Before London gallery explores the prehistoric story of the Thames Valley from 450,000 BC to the arrival of the Romans in AD 50. Beginning when London was a wilderness and the local population would fit on a double-decker bus, London before London explores the relationship between humans and their surroundings. Don't miss: the impressive skull of an extinct auroch (wild ox) which inhabited London during 245,000-186,000 BC a 6000 year old ceremonial axehead, made from jadeite brought to London from the Western Alps the remains of the Shepperton woman, one of the oldest people to have been found in the London region. The skeleton is between 5,640 and 5,100 years old and is displayed alongside a facial reconstruction.

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