This is a collection from National Art Museum of Catalonia that is originally published on Europeana.
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Piece of trencadís for the Parc Güell

Door handle for Casa Milà (‘La Pedrera’), model 3

L’arrencaqueixals (The tooth-puller)


Girl Feeding a Goose

Display cabinet


Upright Chair

Hall furniture

Bedroom furniture for Busquets and Guindulain,...


Business card of J. Busquets

Furnishing and hangings

Dining-room furnishings for Casa Berenguer in...

Clothes stands and hangings for Enric Baixeras i...

Stained-glass window and altar

Bench, front and side views

Bench and cupboard with bureau

Umbrella stand, clothes stand, armchairs and...

Female figure studies

Table and chair, front and side views

Lamp, front view and cross section

Lamp, front view and cross section

Clothes stand and bench

Umbrella stand

Decoration for a ceiling

Furniture and decoration for a living room


Cupboard with sofa and bureau

Armchairs, front and side views

Umbrella stand


Armchair, front and side views




Settee with shelfs and mirror

Bed and bedside table

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