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token, halfpenny, British Isles, 17th-century...

stoneware, fragment

coin, large cash, Far Eastern, China, Southern...

coin, dirham, Islamic, The Atabegs &...

tool/implement, flake

vessel, amphora

coin, cash (Chinese money), Far Eastern, China,...

coin, 1 Paisa, Indian, Princely States

coin, Fulus, Indian, Princely States, Awadh

vessel, vessel handle, stone vessel

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

François-Michel Le Tellier, marquis of Louvois

toy coins, toy coins, gaming counters

Notebook used by the artist for sketches and notes

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

coin, 1/2 Paisa, Indian, Princely States, Kashmir

coin, denarius, Roman Imperial

coin, 1/10 Qirsh, Islamic, Ottoman

coin, denarius, Roman Imperial

J.B. Poquelin de Molière

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

coin, Bracteate, Medieval, Germany, Brunswick...

coin, pfennig, Medieval, Germany, Ravensberg...

coin, Fals, Islamic, Egypt and Syria, Mamluks

medal, Jellalabad Medal (Mural Crown), medals,...

token, halfpenny, tokens, 18th-century Tokens,...

Antoine Vallot

miniature medal, Volunteer Officer's Decoration,...

furniture, stool

fans, bris? fan

Plain of Plataea, from Mount Cithaeron

earthenware, teapot

Portrait of the Artist

coin, Greek, Sicily

coin, antoninianus, Roman Imperial

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

Bacchus and Ceres

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

coin, Dhinglo, Indian, Princely States, Kutch

coin, antoninianus, Roman Imperial, posthumous

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