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Andries van Eertvelt (1590-1652), Painter

Still Life with Fish

Pashur Smiting Jeremiah in the Temple

Portrait of a Woman

Een haan met hennen en kuikens

The Lords of Montfoort

Johan de Liefde (ca. 1619-73), Vice-Admiral

Italian Landscape with Shepherdess and Flocks

Portrait of Digna de Maets. First Wife of...

Portrait of François Leydecker (1650-1718)....

Portrait of Diederik van Hogendorp (1625-1702)

Portrait of François Leydecker, Burgomaster of...

Portrait of Petronella Kettingh (1632-1707), Wife...

Portrait of Elisabeth van Riebeeck, Daughter of...

Portrait of Jan van Riebeeck (1619-77). Commander...

Landscape with a Dancing Couple

Frolicking on a Frozen Canal in a Town

Fighting Birds

View of Tivoli

Portrait of Bernardus de Bosch I, Poet and Art...

Arcadian Landscape with Herdsmen and Cattle

Cavalry Skirmish

The Penitent Mary Magdalene

Lamentation of Christ

Christ with Martha and Mary

Landscape with Herdsmen and Cattle

Still life with fish

Still Life with Flowers

Portrait of a Painter, probably a Self Portrait

Portrait of a Man

Mountainous landscape with waterfall

Willem Crul (1721-81), Rear Admiral

Still Life with a Copy of De Waere Mercurius, a...

Mountainous landscape

The Hunter

The Descent from the Cross

Maria de Witte Françoisdr (b 1616). Wife of Johan...

View of Olinda, Brazil

Italian Landscape

The Adoration of the Shepherds